Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Age Old Question - What To Do With Leftover Turkey????

Oftentimes around the holidays, particularly Thanksgiving, we have lots of leftover Turkey in the house.  This year we cooked two smaller turkeys instead of the usual one biggest bird we could find.  It actually made a lot of sense for our family considering we don't even have a 'real' roasting pan (we usually buy the foil ones).  Of course with two turkeys the question comes up, "What should we do with the carcasses?".  Isn't that a question everyone asks?  Well, in an effort to live more frugally and use what we have we decided to boil the carcass and make some turkey stock.  Instead of picking the bones clean like we normally do, we left some meat remnants to fall off in the stock-making process for flavoring and well...meat.  Then we added some beans and veggies and made some delicious soup.  I was personally pleasantly surprised at the end result.  So remember for Christmas to save your leftover carcasses for soup!!! :-)